Animals written correctly

RU / Day 1 / 19:00 / Track 1

When Sergey was at the Volga delta, he saw thousands of birds acting on very simple scripts. It looked so technology-like that Sergey is now going to deliver an entire talk about cybernetics patterns in biology: from every cell in the body, signed by an unique key — a major histocompatibility complex protein — to how a corn farm can influence evolution by brute force. He will tell how the saigas hacked the wolves, the wolves hacked the hunting dogs, and the snake got itself a set of quick and accurate sensors. To sum it up, Sergey will cover most of evolution questions that were always niggling at him, for example, how wings had ever become a thing if their integrades couldn't offer any propagation or survival advantages whatsoever. Maybe we'll soon get to that code and conquer the world.